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Tailift Forklifts - Now Available Throughout Canada

Tailift Canada is happy to announce that the Tailift brand of internal combustion and electric counterbalanced forklifts are now available throughout Canada. Efficiency, economical and designed for performance, our Z and 9L Plus Series of forklifts were built for tough industrial applications.With 30+ dealerships throughout Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and the Prairies, as well as the support of multiple ISO certified factories and Tailift Taiwan, you can feel comfortable choosing Tailift for your next forklift!

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Canadian owned and operated with decades of experience in the material handling industry, Tailift Canada is the official source for the Tailift brand of forklifts in Canada. With our deep roots in the material handling industry and Tailift's excellent product design, we offer an ideal combination of product design, customer service and industry experience.

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Want to become instantly competitive with the major brands? Tailift Canada makes it easy and straightforward to become a dealer with a minimal capital investment, exclusive areas of prime responsibility, high quality equipment and territories available throughout Canada. Click here to find out how to become a Tailift Canada dealer today!


  • Since Tailift was purchased in 2016, you can clearly see the Toyota influence throughout their forklifts and operations. Couldn't be happier with 10 9L Plus Series LPG units we've placed in our warehousing operations.

    Louis F. - Owner
  • Tailift is the brand that everyone [in the material handling industry] should watch out for. The new Z-Series line of forklifts is really going to give the competition a run for their money! Happy to see all of the improvements they made on an already solid line of forklifts.

    Kevin R. - Owner/Operator
  • The Tailift brand of forklifts offers a compelling mixture of performance, comfort and cost-efficiency. We've run Tailift units at our U.S. locations for several years - Z-Series, the 9L and the 9L Plus lines - and have had absolutely zero complaints from any of our operators or from the maintenance staff. Can't recommend them enough - particularly at such a great price point!

    Roger S.- CEO

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3 and 4 Wheel Models
3,500 - 7,000 lbs. Capacity

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3,500 - 8,000 lbs. Capacity

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8,800 - 11,000 lbs. Capacity